Our History
About Us

PETALS GLOBE FOUNDATION is an NGO formed for empowering and nourishing the young minds, especially the students. Our activities are extended to Teachers and Parents as well, the pioneering pillars in the life and development of any student.

PETALS GLOBE is an initiative by people from different walks of life encompassing of eminent personalities - Educationists & Trainers, Doctors and Behavioural Scientists,Teachers, Psychologists, Judges and Lawyers, Career Gurus, Social Workers,Technocrats,Management Experts,Journalists,Scientific Thinkers, Literary figures, Performing Artists, Creative Directors, Industrialists, Business Men.. the list goes on.

PETALS GLOBE is committed to drive changes for the children and the young minds, in tandem with the objectives set by the Governments, UNICEF and other non - governmental organisations with similar objectives to ensure that each student thrives and develops to his or her full potential.

Petals Globe is keen to enrich and nurture the all-lround development of students from nursery to senior school level, collegiate or professional level and further.

PETALS GLOBE works to help the young minds fulfill their potential from early childhood through adolescence and to defend their rights. Every child has the right to grow up in a safe and inclusive environment.

Petals Globe conceptualise and organize various programs for the intellectual and personal skill development of an young mind through various streams of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and Soft skill programmes with special focus on Multiple Intelligence Development.

Petals Globe Foundation also works to fight against the evil practices that affect the growth and sustainability of children and students in general. We work to create a better and safer place for each child and build an armour against all kind of abuses, evil practices and wrong treatments against the children.

Petals Globe Foundation also initiate and facilitate the recognition and honouring of the organizations and individuals who inspire and work for the holistic development of children/students in many fields and provide support to their endeavours.

We look forward to join with you to nurture the young minds.