Our History

PETALS GLOBE FOUNDATION is very keen in partnering and collaborating with the CSR activities of the business community for the benefit of children. Most of the business houses find it difficult to channelise their CSR funds to the needy since the right, reliable and committed partners are lesser in number. PETALS GLOBE works closely with large scale organizations and SMEs to identify design and implement alliances which would leverage the strengths of the corporate sector in favour of India’s children.

Petals Globe with its students and children oriented initiatives,strive to contribute to the CSR programs of business houses and help them execute their CSR Plans most effectively reaching the right target segment. Petals Globe’s corporate partnerships result in building mutually contributing alliances in tandem with the corporation’s philanthropic and brand image enhancing needs with PETAL GLOBE’s program objectives. In partnering with private sector organisations, PETALS GLOBE works diligently to establish socially benefiting partnerships which are aligned to the core principles of the CSR partner and PETALS GLOBE.

We look forward to join with you to nurture the young minds.