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Join us to make a direct impact in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children and to nurture the young minds.

Many of the children in the world are in vulnerable situations and are impacted by migration, domestic violence, child labour, pandemic like COVID-19 and the list goes on.

In the COVID-19 scenario,remote doesn’t mean cut off.

Even without internet access or cell phones, students in remote areas are still learning during COVID-19-related school closures with the sheer commitment of good minds.

With no internet access, no cell phone and no television in home, many students rely on the weekly visits from their noble teachers and people like you.

Bridging the education gap

Many months have passed since school closures across the globe and  millions of children are temporarily out of class. But while many children have been able to continue learning remotely, in more isolated areas, online learning isn’t an option.

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the already significant difference in access to education between those living in urban areas and those living in rural parts. Almost two thirds of the households lack internet connectivity, leaving many children – especially those outside of towns and cities – unable to take advantage of remote learning tools.

That’s where the existing teachers or volunteers like you  come in. Utilizing materials that cover traditional subjects – such as mathematics, science, history, languages, family-based activities like cooking and crafts, and new guidance on preventing the spread of COVID-19 – teachers who would usually travel to a classroom are visiting students’ homes, checking on their progress and setting homework.

The initiative to reach children at risk of falling behind, includes donations of digital devices and data plans for teachers to keep in touch with students, production of educational programmes for radio and television, and delivery of intercultural and bilingual education guides.

And we strongly feel that projects like THAEN would turn out to be a panacea to the remotely placed students even after the pandemic since it works off line.


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We wish to associate with enterprising and socially committed people who can join us for the campaigns.

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