Our History


Petals Globe Foundation is planning to organise a series of projects based on Capacity Building,E-learning, Early Education Reformation, and STEAM oriented sessions in the African continent.

These projects will be executed by partnering with concerned Ministries, NGOs operating in the region,Funding Organisations and CSR divisions of corporates. Petals Globe would commence the execution in the post Covid time and the background works are in process.

  • An initial programme was Conducted at Lagos, Nigeria in the

An Art and Craft programme was conducted in the Orphanage school in Nigeria as part of the Petals Globe Foundation Team visit to West Africa to study and implement the capacity building projects in the region.Art books and required materials were distributed to all the participating children of the Orphanage School at Okkotta, Lagos. Principal Sister Joseph Agnus and school authority expressed their appreciation and gratitude towards Petals Globe Foundation.

Proposed Capacity Building Projects and Education programmes in Africa :

1. Establishing a VFX – Animation Centre at LAGOS, NIGERIA and ACCRA, GHANA as part of the Capacity Building programme

Target trainees :  People with our without basic computer skills, Can be of any age and Education level, Even school drop outs or low paid professionals working as unskilled labourers can be trained and developed. The programme will be free of cost to the trainees.

Note : Nigeria is facing acute unemployment and many graduates and post graduates are victims of this grave issue. So, in Nigeria, the project would be focusing on graduates first and later on to those who do not have basics.
Whereas in Ghana, the project would be for both the graduates / educated and those who may not have basics.

2. STEAM oriented Sessions in Schools in Nigeria and Ghana.

The STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Maths) orientation is most essential nowadays and the objective of this programme is to introduce STEAM and educate the importance and scope of STEAM oriented sessions.

3. Early Education Reformation Project in Ghana

The Petals Globe Foundation team led by Sanu Sathyan and Shaiju Narayan met the Early Education Director of Ghana and presented the proposal.
The project is intended for the reformation of Early Education Curriculum incorporating Multiple Intelligence Development and 360 degree development of children. Petals Globe Foundation has formed a team to present the detailed curriculum for approval.

This project also has the objective related to the Capacity Development of educated but unemployed youth of Ghana. The Reformation of Early Education Project requires a good number of Early Education Trainers / Teachers. Petals Globe Foundation in association with local educational service providers of Ghana, plans to introduce a Teacher Training and Development Programme to produce enough trained teachers for the reformation of early education project.

Petals Globe Foundation wish to introduce this unique project with twin objectives – early education reformation and creating job opportunities to the whole African Union countries starting from Ghana, the education hub of Africa. Discussions are already initiated to introduce the project in Nigeria, Mosambique, Ethiopia and Namebia. This will result in generating a large number job opportunities for Early Education Trainers in the region.