Our History

PETALS GLOBE FOUNDATION do believe in partnering and collaborating with the corporate sector for the benefit of children. PETALS GLOBE works closely with private companies – large and small – to identify, design and implement alliances that leverage the strengths of the corporate sector on behalf of India’s children. 

Petals Globe do contribute to and execute their CSR Plans so that a strong appetite within the business community is generated towards PETAL GLOBE’s child oriented initiatives.

Petals Globe’s  corporate partnerships typically involve building mutually beneficial national alliances by aligning the corporation’s philanthropic and marketing needs with PETAL GLOBE’s programme objectives. PETALS GLOBE FOUNDATION act as an attractive partner for corporations wanting to make a contribution to the lives of children and at the same time build their own brand and business.

In partnering with private sector organisations, PETALS GLOBE works diligently to try and establish partnerships which are aligned to the core principles of the company/foundation and of PETALS GLOBE.

We look forward to working with you